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AMC has come up with a brand new list of adventurous games totally for you. Adventurous and Interesting Games are something which we believe anyone would love to play and that is the prime reason why they made it to our list of top games. As you people know that we only discuss games that we have already played and really liked unlike other review websites that don’t even bother to play games and discuss rubbish in their websites. The two games we are about to discuss is Hungry Shark Evolution and Shadow Fight 2.

The first time we played Hungry Shark Evolution, we were not sure if we liked the game but then we decided to play some more and there things became interesting. Even Hungry Shark is like a business game where you collect coins and then but upgrades, or get a better shark and other things. The game is a lot of fun to play and with the new stuff they are adding regularly, it makes the game even more interesting. You play the Shark character in the game and your job is to eat away the goodies and avoid the harmful stuff. If you eat poison or items that you cannot chew or digest, then you lose health points. Do it enough and you will die. The real challenge in the game is to get powerful sharks that can digest more items and move even faster. The faster you move and eat the more coins you grab. If you ever get bored of collecting coins and you need a short cut, try hungry shark evolution hack and it will give you free gems and coins, lots of them.

Now we come down to discuss Shadow Fight 2 game which is also a very fun game to play. This is a fighting game where you are your own shadow fighter character. You start off easy learning simple moves and stuff and then you get to fight simple enemies. After you win a few rounds of fight you will begin to learn more moves and attack ways. You also get coins and gems for winning rounds and you can make use of these coins to buy more stuff in the game. You can learn more moves and get better sword and armor. These upgrades will help you win a lot of fights ahead. The game also tells you when you may or may not be able to win a game, so keep an eye on that as well. If you find the game hard like we did, you can alternatively try to use shadow fight 2 hack software and grab yourself tons of coins and gems. Then you can sky rocket your game to a different league altogether. Have fun people!

Today AMC has decided to offer it’s suggestions to all it’s readers about two very interesting and fun strategy games. Both the games are developed by the same company and that is why they are both very interesting. See it was very easy to just randomly pick one out of the two but then if both the games are equally fun then it does not make sense to be so unfair to our game review readers. We want to bring out the best of both the games in front of you and then you will know and understand the games better. Now once you get to know these games you can easily make a choice as to what exactly you want to play.

Dragon City – It is a game of Dragons where you get to nurture and take care of Dragons from their birth. The game obviously starts with a few dragons living in their habitat. But from there the game begins. Now you have to proceed and level up in the game and buy more habitats and get more dragons. Each dragon has it’s own element and it’s own unique habitat where they live. Each dragon requires feeding in order to level up and become bigger and stronger. You will grow food in farms and feed them and once they grow large, they will develop skills and you can also take them out to war. In a game of Dragon City, you can also go to pvp battles and fight tournaments. Make sure you breed well and get hold of legendary dragons because without them fighting pvp battles is a waste. If you fail to achieve much in the game, try this dragon city hack which will fetch your account with unlimited gold and gems and that too instantly.

Monster Legends – Another game that we wanted to share and discuss with you folks today. It is a similar game to Dragon City, actually almost all the aspects are similar. The Monsters have their own element and habitat to live. Monsters require food to grow up and become bigger. As they grow up they develop skills that will help you in fights. But an interesting aspect here is that there are also RARE Monsters which are strong hybrids and then there is also an adventure map. In the adventure map you can take out your monster to fight computer developed enemies and not real players. These computer bosses in the adventure map also offer great rewards when you defeat them. This makes the game more fun and also a single player like version in a multi player strategy game. Here too if you struggle, then try monster legends hack tool and I promise you will receive tons of gems almost instantly in your account. But use it only if you really need it.

Today we have all gathered here to discuss about certain games that are still very popular among the kids. One of the most interesting game that comes to our mind right now is Dragon City, a superb strategy game developed and owned by Social Point from Spain. The game was launched way back in 2012 and today in 2016, there are still over a million players who are actively playing the game. Usually games die off in a year or two but some games just live on like Legends. Imagine the quality of this game and the kind of attraction and curiosity it develops that even the 2016 gamers are downloading and installing Dragon City and becoming an active member of the game.

If you have ever wondered what the game is about then, check it out. It is a game about Dragons and it starts with you in an Island where dragons are alive. You are going to control whole species of Dragons and decide which dragons you want or which you don’t. You can help breeding different breed of dragons and get new born dragon babies to hatch. The most important concept in this game is breeding as only breeding is a way to get those legendary and rare monsters that you will most definitely want if you want to do anything meaningful in this game. You may want to check out dragon city breeding guide for any kind of help with respect to breeding. There you will find a long list of dragon breeding combinations that have proven to work effectively on our game accounts. All successful breeding attempts get enlisted on the website for you people. All you need to do is to open up the guide and go through and simply try it out. You may fail in first few attempts but eventually you will get to it.

This is a crazy game, it will bind you to the game like an addict. Breeding is quite hard specially if you are looking to get legendary dragons and thus you will have to make multiple attempts and that time it takes could be quite frustrating, at the same time very addicting. We have manged to get several Legendary dragons but it took a hell of a time to get there. We are playing Dragon City for the last 3 years and we are still quite addicted to it. We so much like this game that we are also hooked up to Monster Legends, which is like a baby brother of Dragon City. In that game as well, the concept is about Monsters instead of Dragons but the objectives of the game are similar. You could call it a small enhancement to Dragon City for new age players.

Dragon City is an old game, but very popular and thus the phrase Old is Gold! The phrase is definitely true for a game like Dragon City. The rest, we suggest you check out on your apple store or Play Store and try playing this game today! It is still a lot of fun to play.

Dear readers,

We would like to inform you guys that we have quickly come up with a brand new set of games for this week. These games that I am going to discuss with you folks today are very interesting. You will find these games a lot of fun to play around with. One of the games that we are going to suggest playing is 8 ball pool and the other game is Pixel Gun 3D.

8 Ball Pool is nothing but a Pool game that you would play anywhere in the world. All you need is a pool table and the items pool table requires and you are all set to start playing the game of Pool. The basic concept behind this game is to have a fun and relaxed time. This is such a fun game that you will spend an hour playing it and you won’t notice the time. The most interesting game in today’s world is Pool. 8 Ball Pool game is a facebook/android related game where you get some coins to start each game and thus for high stakes game, you also have to pool in high amount of in game coins. If you are looking for in game currency, that is coins, try taking a look at 8 ball pool hack which promises to deliver unlimited coins to your doorsteps in seconds.

Did you ever want to play a game which involves a lot of shooting? Now you can shoot down Pixels, in fact don’t call it just pixels, call it Pixels in 3D format. Yes we are right, now you are a Pixel in 3 dimension and you can shoot down other pixels of similar build. Pixel 3D is a very nice game that you can play at any given time of the day and you will have lots of fun. But like usual shooting game, you get coins to buy proper weapons and a lot of them. If you really enjoy this game, then try looking at this Pixel Gun 3D Hack which is a software based website that promises to deliver unlimited in game currency to your account automatically and within seconds. All you do is to place your username and its done.

But the best way forward to play any game is to not do any kind of cheating as it defeats the purpose of playing a game.

Hello Friends. AMC Magazine is back with two new sets of games that are not just enjoyable but very addicting and a lot of fun as well. As you all know, we mostly talk about games that are super fun to play and enjoy. We almost never disappoint you with our quality research and time we give into finding new games for you people.

Subway Surfers is one game that we would like to talk about today. Subway Surfers is one of the most famous smart phone games that are played by millions of players. We are looking at over 10 million players world wide and this is one game that can be played at any given time for a small duration to pass the time or have small amount of fun. Subway Surfers is a board surfing game where a player is supposed to surf the board on trains and railway tracks while a police is behind to catch him. The job is to collect as many coins on the go as possible. With coins you can purchase various items in game and thus coins is a very important thing to collect. For lazy bums, you can refer to the subway surfers hack that is doing the rounds on the internet. The hack promises to deliver unlimited coins in no time, so try it out if you are too lazy to collect the coins yourself.

Hill Climb Racing is another similar game where in you don’t surf but drive a car or a motor bike in various random places as possible. You can drive on the moon or an arctic or deserts or even normal land surface. It is possible to drive a car on any given damn place on this entire hemisphere. Fun? Just try out this game and you will know. The game concept is similar, you get points to cross distances in each of the map and same points can be used to unlock new maps or vehicles and it goes on. An important part in this game is to upgrade vehicles, because without upgrade you may find it difficult to cross maps. For lazy people who don’t have time to collect millions of points to cross the maps, they can take a look at hill climb racing hack which guarantees unlimited coins in minutes. But please use such hacks only if you want to make the game less interesting otherwise just play yourself. No game is fun with any kind of device that gives you all without effort. There is fun in achieving something with hard work.

Today we have gathered here to discuss about some new games that have hit the streets in a big way lately. These games are being played by over million players worldwide and they are still growing. We are not talking about the latest new games but fairly new games that came about last year and is still going very strong. Have you heard about a famous game called Clash of Clans? This game has over 10 million players worldwide now, just on android and we believe another 10 million are playing through iOS. It is quite possible that there are other means people are playing this game. So what is so great about this game? COC is a strategy game wherein a player is supposed to build strategies and go to war. A player raids other players and loot them of resources and grow his own village. Troops are required in order to win battles and troops cost resources. There are other ways to generate resources too but that is not enough and raiding is a must for any player to grow fast in the game. Most of the top players make heavy use of gems in this game. It is no big deal, even you can win free clash of clans gems by filling out a few surveys online. There are many companies that offer coc gems if you do their simple and free work. With gems it is quite possible to grow your account to a big account with lots of defensive buildings and troops in no time.

The next game to feature in our list is a simple pet game. It may look like a simple game at first but it is one of the best Pet games that are available on the internet. The name of the game is POU. This game is about an alien pet which you have to deal with through out the game. In this game your task is to take care of your bet, nurture them, feed them and even play with them. With each activity you can earn coins and with coins you can make various purchases. Getting coins in this game can be a tedious task and with that you can achieve a lot of progress in the game. There are people we know are making use of pou hack technology and grabbing unlimited coins to progress faster in the game. With loads of coins, you can purchase nearly everything right?

Most of the games are just another software and it can be beaten by hackers and coders. So don’t give in to all these stuff and play your game honestly. Winning the game is important but not at the cost of you know what. Enjoy the game and have fun.

Today at AMC terminal, we are going to look at how playing games are changing lives. We believe that playing games is important and it must be done but not at a cost of studies or work obviously. Games have been changing our lives for long time now and we believe it is a good thing. Games teaches us a lot of things in life.

Our only saying is that we should not be too focused on the games that we end up wasting our entire salary over it. If you are not that obsessed over playing games, I suggest you to take a look at cheapgames canada website, you maybe able to find some really interesting games at a bargain price. We have purchased countless games from that website and have been very happy with the pricing mechanism they have employed. We have managed to get 30-50% discounts over various games so far. You may get some games at a really cheap price.

Today we are going to review the FIFA franchise game, developed by EA Games:

In the last decade Electronic Arts has become one of the leading game development company in this world. It makes wide variety of games now. I remember very well the days of Road Rash and Sims and their best selling franchise was and still is FIFA. The first time we played FIFA, was the year 1999. FIFA 99 was one of the most famous games back then and since then the franchise has only gotten better. Imagine today, a 16th FIFA game has come and fans have come totally crazy. FIFA 16 has also managed to add women players this time. For the very first time, EA Games has finally given a go ahead to the long requested suggestion of having women players in the game. Now women fans can make their own girl team instead of playing with the boys.

XBOX Live Gold FIFA 16 Multiplayer Gaming

FIFA 16 is now available on Xbox One and can be played live. If you wish to play this game live on the internet using a gaming console, then the best way to go about it is to get a free xbox live gold membership code and turn up the machine and start playing. There are various websites that offer Xbox memberships for absolutely no cost and you must get one today. The only criteria for that is you may have to fill up some of the minute details and bang! Xbox One is the best 2015 technology gaming console, better than your PS4 and others and thus we are suggesting our players to get this one. The technology used in this gaming console and the kind of seamless connectivity it offers over the internet is unbelievable. There is no lag at all when you start playing the game and with millions of players on the internet, it also makes it the biggest gaming console ever.

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AMC is a big believer in love. We believe that Love at first sight exists and is the most wonderful feeling of all time. AMC is not just a company that discusses about games, but we also share our love from time to time with the general public. We believe that love is the most beautiful thing in this world and it does exist. We believe that two people can fall in love and continue to love each other till the end of their life time. Today we are going to spend some time discussing about Love! Excited? Read more!

Hey Girls! How often have you thought that men are all macho and don’t have that much emotions or feelings? Well, sorry to bust your thinking but boys can be as emotional as girls, it is just that more girls end up showing their emotions more easily than boys. Have you noticed there are some tough girls out there who act emotionless? They may look similar to boys when it comes to showing emotions and look all macho isn’t it? Boys are tougher and they grow up that way. You will notice that men when they are kids cry a lot, just like girls, but boys are often told by others that boys don’t cry and are attended less or shouted more at than girls. Girls as kids are cuddled more and boys are treated tough. That upbringing difference makes boys tougher than girls.

Girls who are already dating some guy, try out a few love quotes for him and notice their reaction. They may behave exactly like a girl must do. Love Quotes are few magical words that can make any guy or girl blush and feel really good. Try this out and tell us if it worked. Don’t blindly use random quotes, make a big list of quotes and see which one fits your guy at that very moment. It is not just the girls who need the love and affection, guys too need the exact same love and affection from their girl. You give it to them and see they may take you out for shopping next day ; )

Love is a beautiful thing girls and it must be a two way connection. In fact if you really love a guy, then you should show your love more than the guy. A guy you really like and never want to leave, make sure your interest level is always more than his if you want the relationship to continue for long. See girl, you may not realize this now, but if your interest level is lower than the guy’s then your girly heart may soon start to give wrong conception to your mind that it is not working out. That is how a girl’s mind works, so don’t let the heart fool your mind into breaking up. Stay close, be loving and be happy. Smile and continue loving! Love is wonderful.

Smart Phone revolution has been discussed several times in the last few weeks in our website. Today we would like to take a different aspect in this revolutionized world of smart phones. We are going to talk about two top quality games that have totally changed the way we play games now. These games have emerged a new trend altogether which is called Free To Play. Have you ever heard about games that are totally free to play and enjoy? Pay only if you are crazy about the game. I have personally played hundreds of games in my smart phone but paid for a really few games. Nevertheless, let us look at some of these games in detail now:

Monster Legends: This game is one of the most played games on a smart phone lately. More than a million times this game has been downloaded so far in an android phone. There are many more players on Facebook taking the total to well above 1 million to be honest. Monster Legends is a strategy game based on Monsters. Here a player has to take care of their baby monsters, feed and nurture them, grow them into strong and healthy monsters. These monsters will then fight for you against computer enemies and also win pvp battles against other players of the game. The most interesting concept in this game is breeding, which enables you to breed different monsters and get a chance to get a baby legendary or a rare monster. You may have to refer to a monster legends breeding guide to learn which monsters exactly yield which category of special monsters. These special monsters are really important in making your whole team of monsters stronger.

Clash Of Clans: One of the all time favourite is Clash of Clans game by Super Cell. Clash of Clans is a very old game, a revolution in smart phone strategy gaming. It was the first game of this kind where a player collects resources, makes army and goes on war. This game is similar to your Age of Empires but this is a smart phone game, made for a phone and thus is a fast paced game. You make troops, go on war, raid, loot resources and grow your village, town whatever you would like to call your base. The basic idea of this game is to grow up your base, get stronger with more stronger buildings, better troops. You also level up your troops to make them stronger and attack using those troops to either win battle points or grab resources to enhance your growth. Raiding is important in this game and so you must have good leveled troops. There are various tournaments like Alliance wars, battle point wars where you can participate. The game uses an in game currency called gems that you can use to get ahead in the game. Get free clash of clans gems using this tool and get a chance to instant finish building or troop upgrades, as well as get any resources you require instantly. Most people purchase these gems at a really elevated cost but there are some tricks to get them free. Try it out?

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AMC has decided to do a very good comparison today between smart phone gaming, console gaming and PC gaming. All three different platforms are operating in today’s environment and we would like to cover all three of them. This comparison will help a gamer decide which one is best for them.

Ease Of Playing

Almost everyone has a home PC for their daily use. So one can play games on their PC without having to spend money on anything new. Not everyone has a console, so they have to spend money on that only to play games. Nowadays everyone is owning a smart phone, so not much difficult to play there. Smartphone and PC wins. If affordability is a question, you must check out these PSN Codes.

Upgrade Costs

Home PC are often inadequate in terms of Ram, CPU and graphic requirements, so they have to be upgraded from time to time to meet new games requirements. Consoles are often more adequate and a person can easily play games there without having to constantly upgrade to new versions. Smartphones may have the same problem, with new requirements, constantly buy new and better phones.

Free To Play Models

While both PC and Consoles have games that first must be purchased from the market in order to play, most of the smart phone games are built on the model of free to play. Most game developers choose this model to grab tons of players into their games, and later addicted players often purchase items to grow faster. While PC and Console gaming involves massive upfront costs which makes it tougher for one to play a wide variety of games.


An adequate PC and console, both are strong gaming platforms and offer very good graphics and gameplay as well as they allow you to play on a large screen. However when it comes to smart phone, due to smaller screen graphics are still suffering and the amount of fun you get while playing on a large TV or a computer screen is missing on a smart phone.

Anytime Anywhere playing

Only smartphone allows a player to play anytime and anywhere. A home PC and a console game platform can only be used when one is at home. Even portability is an issue with home PC, atleast consoles can be taken from place to place, but the best place to play is at home. A smartphone allows you to play even in an airplane or a train or a bus or a metro. This anywhere anytime game play is what makes smartphones the most widely used gaming platform and this is unlikely to change.