Social Point: Social Network Game Developer

Hi Folks! Today we have gathered here to discuss a startup company of Spain namely, Social Point. Social Point is one of the leading game developers for social network sites and mobile devices. Social Point started back in 2007 and developed mini facebook game (free). After a few years they managed to develop their first game which clicked very well with a lot of people and since then they have only gone ahead. We are going to talk about four famous games that they have built so far and all of them are a decent success.

Social Wars: It is a city based warfare game. The game is based over Earth and aliens where aliens are on a mission to destroy earth and you are on a mission to save the planet from these invasions. Your job is to build a military city with full of infrastructure and defensive buildings. You are also going to build an offensive as well as a defensive army. You will be leading an offensive army to march and attack and you can also form alliances with other players for better game play. If you have played Clash of Clans, it is similar to that.

Social Empires: Social Empires is a bit similar to Social Wars but here in this game, you control a full blown empire and you can conquer other lands and empires to grow yourself. Previously you made army men and mechanics but here you will raise warriors and dragons to control and defend your empire, as well as attack others. Here they also have tournaments where players can PVP battle each other to win interesting prizes. Your job is to conquer the world and become the King of civilization.

Dragon City: In a floating magical land, you have an opportunity to build your own dragon city. You control and feed dragons and they live in your city in their respective habitats. There are several different types of dragons like fire, water, earth, nature and you have special dragons too. Your job is to level up your dragons and make them bigger and stronger. You can cross breed different elements of dragons and create new amazing dragons. You can challenge enemy dragons in the battle arena and win gold and food. You are also entitled to visit your friends’ cities and get special gifts at random. The game is really fun and feels special to play. Just try it out and you will not regret.

Monster Legends: After the success of dragon city, Social Point have come out with another legendary game known as Monster Legends. This game is build on a similar platform as dragon city but there has been a lot of improvements here. This game is more war friendly than the previous one which was a lot more peaceful. Here in this game, they have build a new adventure map where your own built monster squad will go and fight monsters, creatures and even bosses which pop up every five levels. This game offers new skills to unlock as you level up and also there are Epic and Legendary monsters to breed (tough nut). Your job is to tame, control and feed wild beasts and monsters and they will fight for you. Feeding the monsters is important, so they level up and grow strong. You can then challenge your friends in battle arena and win lots of gold. Make sure to stop by and read various tips on monster legends breeding as without knowing how to breed properly, it is next to impossible to get those special monsters which will be required in beating bosses at higher levels.