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AMC has decided to do a very good comparison today between smart phone gaming, console gaming and PC gaming. All three different platforms are operating in today’s environment and we would like to cover all three of them. This comparison will help a gamer decide which one is best for them.

Ease Of Playing

Almost everyone has a home PC for their daily use. So one can play games on their PC without having to spend money on anything new. Not everyone has a console, so they have to spend money on that only to play games. Nowadays everyone is owning a smart phone, so not much difficult to play there. Smartphone and PC wins. If affordability is a question, you must check out these PSN Codes.

Upgrade Costs

Home PC are often inadequate in terms of Ram, CPU and graphic requirements, so they have to be upgraded from time to time to meet new games requirements. Consoles are often more adequate and a person can easily play games there without having to constantly upgrade to new versions. Smartphones may have the same problem, with new requirements, constantly buy new and better phones.

Free To Play Models

While both PC and Consoles have games that first must be purchased from the market in order to play, most of the smart phone games are built on the model of free to play. Most game developers choose this model to grab tons of players into their games, and later addicted players often purchase items to grow faster. While PC and Console gaming involves massive upfront costs which makes it tougher for one to play a wide variety of games.


An adequate PC and console, both are strong gaming platforms and offer very good graphics and gameplay as well as they allow you to play on a large screen. However when it comes to smart phone, due to smaller screen graphics are still suffering and the amount of fun you get while playing on a large TV or a computer screen is missing on a smart phone. Some of the games graphics are so good that we have made paid and downloaded a huge list of HD Wallpapers for our computer.

Anytime Anywhere playing

Only smartphone allows a player to play anytime and anywhere. A home PC and a console game platform can only be used when one is at home. Even portability is an issue with home PC, atleast consoles can be taken from place to place, but the best place to play is at home. A smartphone allows you to play even in an airplane or a train or a bus or a metro. This anywhere anytime game play is what makes smartphones the most widely used gaming platform and this is unlikely to change.

We are all witnessing what is called a Smart Phone revolution in this world. A few years back, the world received it’s first ever smartphone. Actually smartphones came back 20 years ago but a revolution in smartphone began about 5-6 years ago. Some people may disagree with us and say smartphones came long ago and not few years ago, but we subscribe to the view that a revolution is not when a certain product is available with just a few people but when a product is so widely available at a reasonable price that everyone is buying the product. The crazy behavior was witnessed only a few years ago and today we are seeing that almost everyone has a smartphone.

Today what are we not doing with our smartphone? We are playing games, we are browsing internet, we are chatting with our friends using the internet. The biggest of all, now we are SHOPPING through the smartphone. Now that’s what I call a Revolution. A lot of shopping companies like Amazon or Flipkart have already got their own Apps that they make everyone download and use. These apps also send you push notifications on your phone updating you about various deals. Just yesterday we received an amazon notification about a lightening deal, and we picked up a diamondalternative moissanite jewellery for our relatives.

We call this a revolution because now, you can shop anywhere and anytime just using your phone. All you have to do is to take out your phone, click on the shopping app and begin window shopping. No more going to market places in hot sun, sit indoors in an A/C and do window shopping. What makes it more interesting is the special deals which are always happening online. Another interesting concept of shopping through smartphone is that you can watch the same product in multiple shopping websites/apps to compare the prices and buy from a place that is selling you at the best price. We have often compared prices and bought products at the lowest rate from one vendor.

Normally we have found Amazon to offer the lowest prices but at times there are other companies that do offer attractive discounts and we purchase from there. We even use Ebay at times as they offer very attractive rates somehow that even Amazon fails to do. If you don’t have a smartphone, then you are really missing something in life. Go get yourself a smartphone today.